Thursday, January 28, 2010

The Power Of Your Love

Sooo last night I am at orchestra practice at Fielder Road Baptist Church (I love my church!! Have I said that lately?) and I am laughing because if the congregation on Sunday morning could only take a peek at what our music looks like they'd be confused lol So I decided I would do a behind the scenes of the Fielder Road Baptist Church Orchestra. Sort of like VH-1's Behind the Music, but waayy better :)

How many of you have an orchestra at your church? How many of you play in the orchestra at your church? Well for those not in orchestra who are just getting their praise and worship on on Sunday morning, you may think the music is being played as written, but alas I tell you it is not. Cue the Fielder Road Baptist Church Orchestra and what our music looks like. When we're playing something sometimes you will see our music is all marked up. Pencil marks all over the place, arrows pointing to things, second endings crossed off. It is not pretty. And I am sure the people who wrote and arranged the music would have a cow if they knew how what we were doing. An outsider might have a hard time following along, but alas a fellow musician would be able to interpret it. And the miracle is that the music still flows nicely.

And another thing that is interesting is one of the clarinet players is a percussionist playing the clarinet! Yep that's right me!! I don't play everything on my music, but I am making improvements every week. I did play a 16th note in its entirety one night during practice. One of these days I will be able to do it more than once :) It happened at First Baptist Church Dallas and it will happen at Fielder Road Baptist Church and it will happen at my next church in Nashville!!!

Okay so now for today's video. I have had part of yet another Lincoln Brewster song in my head. Didn't know the name of the song til I did a search. It is entitled The Power of Your Love. I love love love that song. Uh oh I think when I can do it again the cd collection will be expanding again. And my apologies that it's not him doing anything live or actually performing. But you can listen and sing along :)

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