Monday, April 26, 2010

Hard Week

I have to say last week was a tough week for me. I got the rental car on Monday. Then on Tuesday on the way to work my stomach was upset because I was worried I would get a call that day and have to go look at the car and they declare it totaled and then I have to turn it back in. I was happy when I had made it through work with no phone call. After work I met with a guy from an attorney's office to start my case since I was injured in the accident (sprained my back - found out when I went to the chiropractor on Monday - I am getting ready to start day 6 of active treatment and my back needs it). I then got the phone call from the adjuster - they were going to look at my car the next day.

Wednesday was hard. I was nervous and the guy looked at my car and declared it totaled. I cried when he told me everything. I have to say that Copart does not waste time - they were calling me right after that while I was en route to go cry at my church (I am tired of crying by the way - hate it). I called the claims guy and told him to see if I could get the rental extended. I was worried because I still had to get to work on Thursday and Friday and then finals start this week. I didn't know if I would be able to get there. I got a call on Thursday morning while driving. I got the rental extended until Tuesday. I pay for it the next three days. I cried on Thursday and Friday. How on earth am I going to get around to places. How am I going to get to job interviews or to do my laundry.?Will I ever have a car again? It just seems so overwhelming. And if I get a job before I get a car how am I going to get there?

I hate dealing with the aftermath of an accident. My back is hurting, there are times I feel like there is a brick on my chest (when I have been standing or sitting for a while). I feel like this has been a double blow - well make that triple. My two college positions are ending as the semester ends and I have not found employment elsewhere yet. I don't know how I am going to get everything paid. I have some extra expenses I did not know I was going to have and it is just hard. I kind of cried again yesterday. I need God to come in so badly. I don't want Him to have picked me up and just dropped me down someplace and then leave me to figure everything out on my own.

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