Tuesday, June 23, 2009

A Smorgasboard of Stuff

I am working on exam 4 for general psychology. I have a student who will be at camp on the day of the final so he has to have it to get it done and turned in. Well, at least that will be one less thing to do - not that I have a lot to do. Summer school is easy and we are almost done (July 2nd is the last day of class - woo hoo!).

Along with the last day of class comes what the heck am I going to do in July. I have most living expenses covered for July and August (don't talk to me about electricity lol) since I will get paid for May mini-mester at the end of June and Summer Term 1 at the end of July. But I still want to be working and hopefully landing a full time job. If I don't have work to do this is what will happen - I'll finish all scrapbooking the first week of July and then be bored. Well, I guess not really - I might hit up Half Price Books and get myself the Lord of the Rings triology - I have yet to see the movies because I wanted to read the books first. And I could read the sequel or prequal to Wicked. But still full time work or just work to keep me busy would be good. Ooooo I do have a dog sitting gig the last week of July - I will have to get my behind over there every morning at 6 am to walk the dog or she won't be getting walked lol.

Finally, day 2 of trying to win meet and greet for when Selah is in town. I soooo love them (and they all friended me on facebook - woo hoo!). Allan Hall who plays piano is awesome (plus he seems like such a neat person that would be fun to have as a friend in life). I have a great respect for guys who play piano - I mean hello they made it through piano lessons as a kid plus all the practicing. I was in piano for three months before my mom disenrolled me - she didn't like fighting me to practice. A year later I took up the drums - a tad different from piano lessons. Not so bad when you can drum all over the house on everything lol. Then in college I took up clarinet to see if I could play something that required me to breathe to get noise out of it (plus I was wanting to learn how to play it). My mom would shut the door on me while I was practicing (which is a good thing I didn't try to learn it as a kid - might not have ever done band and I LOVE band). I would love to take piano lessons again - I think I could do it this time.

Okay that is all for today.

Sugar and Ella (the cats) say meow, Kelly, Brenda and Donna (the gerbils) say squeak squeak, and Shells (the turtle - original I know lol) says yo.

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