Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Digital Camera, Still Trying To Win, Etc.

First of - it's hot! I don't know what is worse - the heat or the humidity. Megan you are my whopping one follower (thank ye very much btw) who has lived in Texas all your life - what do you find worse?

Got up early again today to try and win the meet and greet - still no luck. They made you answer a question this morning - I didn't even no the answer so I didn't even try to call in. Then this afternoon the line was busy. I have one more day - Friday.

My friend Michael in Florida (he's an alumni of Kappa Kappa Psi) put my new to me digital camera in the mail - woo hoo! I am glad it is free because I have this rule - never buy a camera that is more than $30 (except for my video camera - does not count). The reason I never buy a camera that is more than $30 is because something always happens to them. Let's recap:

1. California Baptist University Spring thingamajig in April 1996 - mail and camera gets stolen from the front lawn of CBC. Who steals stuff at a Christian college?
2. January 1997 - I am at the Rose Parade (stayed awake all night) and it is early morning and I go to set my Diet Pepsi down so I can take a picture of some Clydesdale horses. I hear something drop - realize that it is my camera in the bonfire. I contemplate going in for it, but decide I want a functioning hand. I also learn that batteries explode when they are in fires and film turns green.
3. Prior to SD4 1999 (that is San Diego 4th of July - a big annual event held every year in San Diego, CA that is hosted by the Kappa Kappa Psi and Tau Beta Sigma chapters at San Diego State University). I check my camera and it won't let me open the door with the batteries - I buy another one.
4. During the loveliness that is SD4 I am with a group of actives and we are at the beach. We decide we want a group picture and get these guys to take our pictures. Mine gets dropped by a drunk high guy.
5. A few other cameras post 1999 have had issues - now I just by disposable ones lol.

So now I will be venturing into the 21st century (unless they were around in the 20th century) with my very own new to me can't take pictures at night unless you turn the lights on digital camera. I shall have some fun (but I will still do print film).

I think I shall add an image for the heck of it. Since this is called Single Gal With A Zoo (don't know what else to call it), I will put in a picture of my first fur baby. Her name was Kisses and Cuddles (that's what she did - I called her K.C.). She got her angel wings in 2003 - she was only 4 years old.

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MissMegan85 said...

I haven't lived in Texas all my life. I was born in Kansas & moved here when I was 11. BUT, the humidity is soo much worse than the heat itself. (to answer your question..)