Thursday, June 25, 2009

It's Thursday

Hey it's Thursday. I teach tonight. After tonight there are 2 more class sessions. So far I have no work during July (except the dog/cat sitting gig I have at the end of July - woo hoo!).

So yesterday I had been wondering - what do professional musicians )not those that play in orchestras or symphonies, but those that tour and do concerts and put out albums every so often) do when they are not doing that. Do they have other jobs? Then today I was wondering - does where a person live geographically does that have an impact on their musical preferences. Like if you live in hicktown Texas or somewhere in the south are you going to be all big into Metallica or just absolutely love smooth jazz (I actually like both, but I am from originally California and according to the how Californian quiz I took on FB I am 100% Californian lol) Or is it a combination of geographical and influences from family and friends. Although I am not sure about the family thing because my dad loves country music and we hated it growing up. I do like it now, but some country - not all. I prefer Rascal Flatts or Sugarland to old school country. I have certain songs I like. The psychologist in me is curious.

Okay now for another pic. This one is of Holly. She got her angel wings in 2007 at the age of 7. I was not ready for her to go as she was my soulmate kitty. She was with me through some tough times. I found out on August 28, 2007 that she had kidney disease and she had received her angel wings on October 8, 2007. The whole process of her illness was hard and stressful on me. I learned many new skills with her - I can administer fluids to a cat, pill a cat, and feed a cat by hand. Maybe I ought to add this to my resume :)

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