Friday, June 26, 2009


I have stuff to do, but I am procrastinating. I thought I'd blog first.

Still haven't won meet and greet for Selah. Yo Selah if anyone in the group reads my blog hook me up and I will bring you some Dublin Dr Pepper - made with pure cane sugar and better than the cans (or a free cat named after Ella Fitzgerald - she'll jump on your back and knock over your trashcan lol).

So where were you when you heard the news? I was in the kitchen packing my dinner for work and heard on WBAP 820 that Michael Jackson had been rushed to the hospital with cardiac arrest. I said - and that's number 3 (Ed McMahon and Farah Fawcett being the first two). I heard in the car while driving to Waxahachie that he had purchased his farm. When I got to school my students were all Michael Jackson died - I said yep I knew (except Frank was still having hope - wanted to believe it was just a coma). I did manage to tie Michael Jackson into abnormal psychology yesterday (as well as the Olsen twins and Britney Spears). I liked some of MJ's songs - my favorite being Rock With You. Takes me back to 6th grade and Michelle Riddle's slumber party lol That was fun times.

We also got onto an interesting conversation about music. I played youtube videos of NSYNC (Bye Bye Bye), Backstreet Boys, 98 Degrees (True To Your Heart - the one from Mulan), Hanson (Mmmmm Bop), O-Town, Britney Spears (Drive Me Crazy), and Christina Aguilera (Genie In A Bottle). What does it say about me when I actually own all of those cds minus O-Town and 98 Degrees (but I have the Mulan soundtrack). Heck I have not one, but two Hanson cds (one of my students asked - they made a second one? lol). I really need to develop a psychology in popular media class - that would be a hoot 'n anny of a class to teach lol.

Okay I think this is all for now. I will put up a new pic of a cat tomorrow. Gradefest 2009 begins today.

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