Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Tuesday Ramblings

Since I have a whopping one follower (props to Megan), I thought I'd update.

First - Megan did you go to the concert at my about to be former church? Did you like it? I heard it was good.

Okay on to my post. I am listening to Avalon as I write this up - Testify to Love. One time there was an episode of Touched By An Angel on and Wynonna Judd was on the episode and she was singing the song in the episode - they sang it a few times. I love Avalon - I need to see them in concert sometime and take my soon to be former student/new friend Robbie with me (she could be my concert buddy - I like having a concert buddy who is up for a good adventure).

I went to see Selah in concert on Sunday night. They were awesome! It was my second time to see them. It is always a good time and I love that they get everyone involved. I love that Amy is a native Californian - way to represent girl :) And Allan can play and he plays with heart. I wish I could play piano like him. Why oh why did I not practice like I was supposed to in the 4th grade - the drums I followed through on, but piano not so much. I did get some good pics. Yay!

Today is the second to the last day of summer term 1. I would normally say woo hoo, but that just means it's another day closer to me not having anything on my plate during the month of July (except for the dog/cat sitting gig I have towards the end of the month). I hate being in a position like this (although I have been here numerous time - tell me again God why I always end up here). I am noticing that I am trusting God more, I mean hello the alternative is to sit around worrying and crying and I do not like that. I want to be able to just leave it in God's hands. Pour my heart out to Him and then put my trust in Him. I would like to find a study I can do on trusting God. So if my whopping one follower (hi Megan!) has any recommendations that would be great. I did ask 3 pastor friends on facebook. Awaiting their replies.

Okay that is all for now. I need to get myself around. I have a cake to bake and I need to go get the stuff for it.

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