Wednesday, July 8, 2009

The Great Adventure

I should really be listening to that song about now, but instead I am listening to (don't laugh) David Archuleta. You can tell I am now old enough to be the parent of 18-22 year olds because I have said before when I saw the Crush video - if I had a son I'd want him to be like David Archuleta. Lol.

So the start of my unication has gotten off to an interesting start. For my whopping one follower (hi Megan!) and anyone else that might drop by, a unication is a combination of you're temporarily off work with no income coming in because you are an adjunct psychology instructor still trying to get a full time postion at a college because this whole thing started back in October 2003 when you got fired from your teaching position in a jail for sharing your faith/vacation. Wow! That is an awful long definition. Maybe I ought to start my own dictionary. I can call it Roospeak 1.0 :)

So back to the "interesting" start to the unication. I went down to Waco to have my friend Jeremy upgrade my computer for me (*blogist note - now listening to The Great Adventure*). He was unable to do so because the processor he bought for the motherboard he bought were not compatible. So he throws everything back into my computer and I get home and plug it in and the mouse isn't working. I also discover that he forgot to put the metal plate back in that goes next to where all the connections are - so I have a gaping hole in the back of my computer. Lovely (dripping with sarcasm there). So I of course am not a happy camper and greatly distressed - I mean hellloooo I need access to a computer to be applying for jobs. I can't keep going to the library to use it for an hour and then pay for faxing and printing when I have a perfectly good all in one printer at home. Jeremy is now not speaking to me because apparently I yelled at him (I don't think I did, but I was upset and tech people should really learn to say generic words of comfort to keep the upset people with computer drama calm). So Monday was not a good day at all. Between trying to figure out the computer situation and then on top of that locking myself out of the car (only on a Monday lol). I thought that God had a great sense of humor. The spare keys were located in my purse in the car, in Oklahoma, in Arizona, and in Brownwood, TX. Yeah keys and spare key both in the car lol. I shall be making copies and distributing them amongst the various 50 states. If I am ever in your state and I lock myself out of my car I will be sure to look you up lol.

So I am able to get some sleep on Monday night - although when I am burdened I do wake up in the middle of the night and I pray and that is what I did. On Tuesday I was able to get into problem solving mode - I am now renting a laptop for a month so I can be applying for stuff (7 jobs yesterday and almost at 8 today - 2 more left to go). I also left a message for the tech guy at Westwood College who is the only person I now offically trust with any computer of mine. I also found out that I may not be dog/cat sitting at the end of the month. I was feeling frustrated and overwhelmed - thinking about how I so desperately want to be out of the house working even if it is a temp job. Then it didn't help when I talked to my friend Dana who said I may have to step away from the college and go work someplace else. How that would hurt me because I love it there and I feel that is my calling in life - to work with college students. I love being a resource to them as they are navigating through college and life. I would gladly stop and pray with someone or make them laugh if that is all I could do to help make a stressful day not so stressful. If I had to step away and do something else in order to survive I don't know that I would ever get to go back. It would hinder the long term goal and I would lose the continuous experience that I am gaining that helps me in the long run. I also was able to sleep well and yes I did wake up and pray again. Will probably do that again. This morning I got up early and spent two hours trying to figure out printer issues. Finally with the help of Brother I was able to get it straightened out and now have one functioning printer and a USB/parallel port cable to return to Fry's for some money back. Oh and I have ink again :) Oh and tech guy at Westwood College (who is now single so any ladies out there looking for a nice guy I'll hook you up) called me and he's coming on Saturday - yay!

I also spent some time reading in By Faith: Living in the Certainty of God's Reality. I love that book. I learned some new things. I do know that at times my faith is weak, but I truly truly want God to make it stronger. The testing of my faith is not fun. I hate it. So last night I was reading about how God radically intersects our lives when He intitates a faith relationship. This is done at the point of salvation and also when a believer's heart is asleep. I became a Christian in August of 1980 - last night of Church of the Nazarene junior high camp :) I hate to say it - I have had ups and downs in my walk with the Lord. I wish I hadn't had the downs, but I did. In 2002 God radically intersected my life to restore me to a right relationship with Him and to take me out of a relationship that was leading me down the wrong path. I am thankful for that and I wish I could go back and change things. He opened a door for me to teach at the jail in December of 2002 and then in October 2003 is when I was fired for sharing my faith. I don't know what all God has planned out for my life or what the purpose has been for all that has occurred since then, but God has radically intersected my faith. I know it's part of what He has planned for me. After i got fired my friend Joanne prayed for me and she said that God revealed to her that He had a mighty work for me. I have been thinking a lot about this and in my heart I am feeling and believing that I am definitely where I am supposed to be and that I have started on the mighty work that He has for my life. I never felt this way before, but I truly feel that I am called to work with college students. I do. I just have a different outlook on things - it's not just a job to me. It's not just I want to get out of K-12 (which I did in 2007 PTL). But I truly have in my heart a desire to make an impact for the good. I am burdended in a good way. I just need to make it through this time right now. I have not yet been called for any interviews and I need some work even if it is on a temporary basis (yo Allan if you ever drop by my blog if Selah or Curb Records or anyone else that is in the music business needs some temporary help let me know).

Okay I believe that is all I wanted to blog about. I have a cable to go return and then I have to figure out the dinner situation and make myself not want to eat ice cream. Lyrics for The Great Adventure is below. First the video and then the lyrics so you can sing along :)


up your horses

Started out this morning in the usual way
Chasing thoughts inside my head of all I had to do today
Another time around the circle try to make it better than the last

I opened up the Bible and I read about me
Said I'd been a prisoner and God's grace had set me free
And somewhere between the pages it hit me like a lightning bolt
I saw a big frontier in front of me and I heard somebody say "let's go"!

Saddle up your horses we've got a trail to blaze
Through the wild blue yonder of God's amazing grace
Let's follow our leader into the glorious unknown
This is a life like no other - this is The Great Adventure

Come on get ready for the ride of your life
Gonna leave long faced religion
in a cloud of dust behind
And discover all the new horizons just waiting to be explored
This is what we were created for


We'll travel over, over mountains so high
We'll go through valleys below
Still through it all we'll find that
This is the greatest journey that the human heart will ever see
The love of God will take us far beyond our wildest dreams

Yeah... oh saddle up your horses... come on get ready to ride

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