Monday, July 20, 2009


I am currently listening to Selah sing Unredeemed on K-LOVE. It is on Youtube. Oh my that song is powerful. It is going to be on their new cd that is coming out August 25th. Yay! Allan is sooo giving me piano lessons if I ever move to Nashville :) I am going to embed the video at the end. So instead of having lyrics you can listen to the song and see the video :)

Well yesterday I decided to go check out Hillcrest Baptist Church in Cedar Hill. It's about 15 miles from me. Not a bad drive. Although I do have to say that the drive there and back at night might be interesting - definitely drive with my brights on of that is where God leads me to join. I am praying about it. Which that would not be convenient, but when I joined First Baptist Dallas there was nothing convenient about that either - hello me who got my driving experience in Porterville, CA (aka hicktown USA lol) driving in downtown Dallas and sometimes at night even? But God wanted me there and sometimes there is not anything convenient about where He wants you to be.

I had a chance to check out the church's website - thank you Southern Baptist Convention :) I got to listen to a sermon from a couple of weeks ago. I was amening before I even left. That is good - I haven't amened in a while. It kind of made me think of how Dr. Brunson preaches (and I thought for a while I'd either have to move to Jacksonville, FL or start going to Oak Cliff Bible Fellowship where Dr. Tony Evans is).

The church is not a mega church and it is not a tiny church. It's a medium sized church. They have Awana that meets on Sunday night (they are on hiatus until September) and they have an orchestra and a choir. The orchestra was not too big - the music minister said they have a lot out on vacation. They also have evening service. I went last night and laughed hard because Dennis Swannberg was there. Oh my he is funny. I went to the reception for the visitors afterward and I met a lady and her husband who had been at First Baptist Dallas for 27 years. They have been at Hillcrest for 8 months. She said there are four other couples there that have transferred their membership. They are all in the same Sunday school class which I will check out next Sunday. They are going through the books of the Bible and are on Nehemiah. Sweet! I loved when Dr. Brunson preached on that. The lady said that all of them could relate to me with what I am going through - leaving First Baptist Dallas. Which I am not understanding why this is all going on. I mean the lady and her husband were there for Dr. Criswell, Joel Gregory, O.S. Hawkins, and Dr. Brunson and then the interim. I don't understand why it is that God is telling people it is time to leave, but He is. Now if all three of my followers on here could pray about whether this is where I am to be. Sometimes I need a big huge sign. I had that at First Baptist Dallas - I was in the service that Dr. Brunson preached on don't go church shopping find a church and get plugged in. So yeah I need something like that - or a big sign. Because part of me will be afraid to take a step of faith, but yet I know I will have to. I have to get out of my comfort zone even if it is not a good comfort. I have been at First Baptist Dallas for 7 years - I thought I'd always be there.

Okay the video is below. Enjoy!!!

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