Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Will Think Of A Song Later

My apologies for lack of an update. Let's see what I have been up to.

On Sunday I went to Hillcrest Baptist Church again. I really enjoyed it. I really want to transfer my membership to the church - I am waiting on the job situation. I wish something would happen soon - it makes things like this hard.

I dog and cat sat on Saturday evening, Sunday and Monday morning. I really miss taking care of those animals. I had fun. I hung out with the animals for a couple of hours each time I was there in the evening. Suzie the dog liked that. She's a big lover girl - the kind of dog that I like (except I wish she'd play). I can't wait until I get my own dog someday. I want a black lab that I name Molasses. A black lab to match my black kitty.

I also went to a baby shower for a friend of mine who I had not seen since I graduated from Cal Baptist. Linda you are a mom - why do pregnant women think they know more than single never pregnant women? That's what my friend acted like - I mean I may never have been married or pregnant, but that does not mean I am dumb.

I discovered yesterday after I had been to and from the place I was dog and cat sitting at that lightning had struck one of the trees in the front yard and there was a big crack in the base. How I did not see this I do not know. I am thankful that it did not fall on the car, me, or the dog as we were all out near it.

So still no calls for interviews. I really want to get called. I need employment that will pay me in August and September (and not at the end of September). I am tired of all of this and I wish God would rescue me already. It has been almost 6 years of this. When do I get a chance to have health benefits again and to start getting things paid off and to go on missions trips again and to be able to maybe every once in a while go visit the family and to go on road trips (like the one I want to take to Nashville next spring). I really pray that I will get this position at Navarro College that I applied for. I want a chance to work with college students on a full time basis.

Okay enough of that. In the last of other news, Allan has a friend who needs a roommate and I put something out on the fraternity/sorority listserve and praise the Lord there was a newly graduated from Baylor fraternity brother of mine who is moving to Nashville and needs a place to live. So I gave Allan the contact information and he said his friend Chris thinks it will work perfect for this fraternity brother of mine. So yay! I pray that it will help in the friendship prayer I have been praying.

Okay that is all for now. I will think of a song later.

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