Friday, July 24, 2009

This Is My Prayer

My apologies for the lack of an update yesterday. But never fear I am still here on this earth so I shall update today :)

Okay today's blog is entitled This Is My Prayer. The song is done by Joyce Martin and is off of her Diamonds On A Dusty Road album. She is part of the southern gospel group The Martins. They will be in concert in Cleburne, TX next month - yay! I was feeling frustrated yesterday with the whole job hunt situation and when I glanced where the cd was part of the song popped into my head. I will post the lyrics later - like after I get back from putting the cart ads in at my last two stores. I am actually going to have to type them up - oh the horror of it all lol

On the job front news - no call yet from Navarro College. My insider tip says that they are interviewing for the math instructor position first before they do the academic advisor position. I also got an e-mail from Houston Community College - they forwarded my application to the hiring manager (I applied for that job back in June). My advance apologies to Houston if I get called for an interview and a hurricane strikes your neck of Texas again this year lol I have been through the Houston area twice and a few months later hurricanes have hit the area. Oooops. Blame it on me lol

Also Nashville State Community College e-mailed me and said get my cover letter and resume in for the job I applied for. Now if I could get some short term work to carry me through cause not having any sucks and gets me all panicky in the back of my mind. I know I am not supposed to worry, but still I need work. I am doing my part God has to do His. I am going to be able to get some extra work next ad change cycle for my once a month cart job and I am dog sitting starting tomorrow. Yay! I love Suzie Q - she is such a sweet dog. Exactly the kind of dog personality I'd like in my own dog (which I would love to get when I can afford it - a nice cute black lab that I name Molasses or a chocolate lab that I name Hershey).

Okay I have to say that while typing this I am at Joyce Martin's myspace page and I was listening to This Is My Prayer on the music player thing. It was supposed to go immediately to the next song A Whisper Is Enough, but instead it skipped over it and went to Diamonds On A Dusty Road. A message from God? Hmmmm. Made me think as I was listening.

Okay time to get out of the jammies and head out the door.

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