Tuesday, August 11, 2009


It is Tuesday August 11, 2009. This is Katherine Denise Waddle. Also known as Roo (Tau Beta Sigma nickname), Waddlewoman (band friend Carin nickname), and Sideshow (Cal Baptist nickname). I am not dead and the rapture has not occurred so that means God is not through with me yet.

So I have no internet or cable at my place. The wind blew, the line got knocked loose, and I have been without since yesterday morning. Time Warner is coming this afternoon. Yay! As much as I say every time I see one of the Love Comes Softly movies or the Disney version of Little House on the Prairie that I would love to have lived in the 1800's, I do like technology. And Soap Net, and laptops, and high speed internet :)

So I am praying a lot these days. I made a list of 14 things last night to pray for on a regular basis - I can handle more - but those were the 14 things I could think of off the top of my head. I did what Dr. Jeffress suggested to do one time. Make a list on one side and write down your prayer requests and then on the other side list God's answers. So I am doing that. And now I am praying for each and every one of those things. It is important because I want to be consistent in my prayer life to grow closer to God, to see how He moves in my life, and to see how He changes me. I did wake up in the middle of the night to pray. I do that sometimes. And I had Standing on the Promises in my head again. I felt such peace after I had poured out my heart and I was thankful to God for that song being in my head. It is a song that God is using to help me through.

Yesterday my baby nieces (well they are not babies anymore - they are 13 almost 14) started band camp. I am soooo very proud of them for continuing to be in band. Four more years and they can do college band and join Tau Beta Sigma :) Yay! Although take your time getting to age 18 - I still remember when they were babies and when I made one of them cry because I tripped and fell over the baby gate while carrying scissors - Aunt Kathi fell down and made a loud noise lol Aunt kathi was glad she didn't hurt herself too badly - only a cut on my hand.

Okay I am posting CHiPs. Linda you ought to have a good laugh at this. Did you get to watch this before the tv died and your dad didn't get another one for a very loooong time? Lindsay this is classic television for you.

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