Monday, August 10, 2009

Standing on the Promises

Well I am not dead and the rapture has not occurred so that means God is not done with me yet. That means He is still going before me and preparing the way for whatever He has planned for my life. Which I have to say I am thankful for. I think about a time in my life when I was not living how I should have as a believer and God intervened and got me back on the path that I needed to be on (I soooo cannot wait to listen to the sermon that my old pastor Dr. Mac Brunson has done at FBC Jacksonville). God loved me and cared about me soooo much that He intervened in my life. That is amazing.

So yesterday the song that got in my head was Standing on the Promises by The Martins and it is off Glorify Edify Testify. Man oh man how I love The Martins. Yes I have now realized how much a product of my growing up years I am. That is a good thing. I told my dad yesterday that yes I actually like southern gospel and country music (well I admitted to the country music a long time ago). I paid attention as to who Charley Pride, Loretta Lynn (if you do not know who she is you my friend have been living under a rock lol), Tammy Wynette, and Minnie Pearl is. Add in there that I am all my band directors rolled into one and 3 other non-music professors of mine rolled into one and well that makes me interesting hahaha. Good luck to my future husband whoever he may be lol No I know that whoever that wonderful godly Christian man is that God will have made him just for me and me just for him and we will accept each other for who we are. Just please Lord let him be a musician - only a musician will understand me directing to songs or saying hey what a great colorguard routine that song would make.

So Standing on the Promises was just the song I needed yesterday to remind me and anyone that we can stand firmly on the promises of God and know that He will be faithful to us in whatever situation we face in our lives. He will not leave us and He will not forsake us (and I really need to put that on cd and hit the repeat button because I know that I easily forget that).

Sooooo I think I am going to do two things towards the end of this blog which I sincerely hope that this time next year I am typing it from Nashville :) I am going to put the words up for Standing on the Promises and I am also going to put up a fun old school video.

Oh and six more days until Switchfoot!!! If it could just be Switchfoot that would be perfectly fine, but they have Blue October and Blue October uses some rather interesting language - will have to stick my fingers in my ears for that one lol But Switchfoot - yee haw!!! I think I am going to show up with some Dublin Dr Pepper for them since Andrew has been soooo kind to get me a ticket and backstage passes. I need to show them some Texas love. Switchfoot!!!!

Okay lyrics later when I feel like typing them up. Have fun with the video :)

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