Sunday, August 9, 2009

Happy Days

So in 2010 I hope that I am updating my blog from Nashville - as in I hope that I am living there in 2010. Yelling at Ella to get off the counter, getting Sugar to scoot herself back out of the refrigerator, drinking some pink lady tea or double dark chocolate mate from the Republic of Tea while I watch Hee Haw on dvd, etc. Okay tea and Hee Haw do not exactly go together lol. It should be Hee Haw, a spit can, a greased pig, some overalls, and a straw hat lol

So I am a tad bit confused about the whole church thing. I transferred my membership to Hillcrest Baptist Church last Sunday. I sincerely hope that was what I was supposed to do. I know if it was not God will let me know. The confusing thing though is I will be working in Awana on Wednesday night at First Baptist Dallas. Yep my new Awana commander there still wants me to work even though I transferred my membership. Apparently 25% of the people working in the different ministries there are not members of the church. They are very short handed this year so I said okay. And I will be working Sparks again as the director. Yeah they are finally going to run Awana the way it is supposed to be ran not how it has been run - which believe me I had issues with because I knew some things were not supposed to be that way. I want to work Awana at the new church - thankfully it will be on Sunday nights. But the confusing thing is should I really have left First Baptist Dallas. There has been some arrogance that has crept in and things did get to a low point in some areas So I will pray and ask God to help me to know.

So Allan Hall (hi if you drop by) told me that I should try the pink lady tea from Republic of Tea. I was like o....kay.... what is Republic of Tea? Some Gone with the Wind place where everyone dresses up in corsets and umbrellas and sips tea all day? Is it something that is unique to the South? Like the Grand Ole Opry or Dollywood? Nope it is not - it is the Fry's Electronics of tea lol I found their website ( So my friend Melissa is going to order some chocolate tea and after her baby is born and I show up with the baby bib I am still cross stitching, we are going to sit around and drink chocolate tea from the Republic of Tea. Then when I get a little extra money I am going to order the Pink Lady - which is apple flavored. I want to know if it is pink. It should taste good - I like fruity stuff :)

So I told my 15 year old cousin Cassie (my cousin Julie's oldest daughter) that she didn't need exercise. Just find her Potsie, Ralph Malph and Fonzie and hit Arnold's. I do not know if she knows what I am referring to. Yo Lindsay do you know what I am referring to? So in honor of the advice I gave Cassie I will be putting in the Happy Days theme song off of You Tube at the end.

Before I start getting ready for church on Monache band pace, I could use some prayer. I am not sure how the rent is getting paid this month or how I am getting the electric bill paid or the car insurance or the phone bill. Wash rinse and repeat all of that for the month of September in addition to food and gas and the other things. I am praying and I am glad that God has me in this position. He wants me to depend on Him for every single aspect of my life. This is another time for me to do that. So I am going to trust God for His provisions. And I will look forward to when the end of September hits and I get my first pay check from Navarro College because I will have made it through two rather difficult months.

Okay enjoy Happy Days. Aaaaaaayyyyy

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