Monday, August 31, 2009

Story Behind The Great Faith Adventure Part 1

This morning before I start realizing that I have to get ready at Monache Band pace - actually not really. I was showered and dressed before 6:00 in the morning :) Except now I need caffeine of the non-sweet tea kind :) Anyway I thought I would share with you all the story behind the title of my blog - The Great Faith Adventure. It's a little more than what Allan had said to me in an e-mail. Soooo get comfy, pour yourself a nice glass of tea with sugar and sit back for a nice read.

I grew up in a Christian home (attended a Nazarene church for my growing up years) and became a Christian in August 1980. I don't remember the exact date - I knew it was the Friday night of camp. So I guess if I wanted to go on a date with Jesus to celebrate my salvation I could go out everyday in August :) I will find out though - I just need a calendar from 1980 so I can narrow it down to 4 calendar dates and then I can take myself out on those days. I digress so back to my story. While it is true I had started down the road of faith (and probably before then as the seeds were being planted) I don't really consider it to have been a great adventure until October 2003. So I am going to backtrack and tell you a little about the events leading up to the adventure.

I packed my bags and moved first to Oklahoma and then to Texas in 2001. Part of the reason I moved was because I was getting tired of California. I grew up in the central San Joaquin valley and the only time I got to escape to live elsewhere was when I went to grad school at California Baptist University and when I lived in Seoul, Korea for a few months in 1998. I had returned there post grad school and Korea and was living in my hometown again. I had already met some people in the Southwest District of Kappa Kappa Psi and Tau Beta Sigma (for all you non-KKPsi/TBS people that might drop by to read this it is comprised of New Mexico, Arkansas, Louisiana, Texas and Oklahoma - and if you take the first letters of the order I typed those in it spells out New ALTO - are you impressed Megan? lol). So I had met some people in this part of the country which was part of the draw (blame it on Jeff Henderson and Owen Duffy - although Owen won't admit to it I am sure lol) and I also was dating a guy that happened to be alumni of Kappa Kappa Psi - I was dating my brother hahaha. Okay not my actual brother - ewww gross. But a fraternity brother of mine. He was a band director in Waco. Oh an add to it that California was getting expensive and rolling black outs were occurring and my landlord announced he was moving back into the house I was renting and I could either stay in Porterville and commute one hour to work everyday or move to Bakersfield (Buck Owen country but also the armpit of California). Yeah it was a pretty easy choice. Load up the u-haul and the cats and rat and head east young woman :) Which is what I did.

I am stopping here so you will have to come back tomorrow and so it does not get lengthy but I will leave you with a fun video :)


MissMegan85 said...

What a great video! Toby Mac looks sooo young! (probably because he is!) LOL

Great Job on the New ALTO part too, btw.

Kathi said...

Thank you Danny would be proud :)