Monday, October 12, 2009

OKC 2009

My apologies for the lack of updates since last Tuesday. I am thankful that another week has gone by which means it's another day closer to my birthday :)

So took a leap of faith and decided to drive 3 1/2 hours to Oklahoma City to go see Selah and Avalon at a women's conference. Very glad I did :) I stayed at Southern Nazarene University which was less than 2 miles away from the church. It is a neat but rather small campus - may be smaller than Howard Payne University in Brownwood, TX (where Cynthia Clawson attended college in case anyone was interested in knowing. I got to stay overnight in their alumni guesthouse which was really cute. You walked in and there was a living room/kitchen combo and the bedroom was huge - bigger than both of mine. The closet was a walk in - oh how I long to have a walk in closet again. I would definitely buy some more shoes (what is it with us gals and shoes and purses - I may be a girl percussionist, but I do have my girly side). I got all ready and went to the church and proceeded to dismantle the 3rd six pack of Dublin Dr Pepper and put it into my backpack that had presents in it :) And then when I got out of the car the golf cart guy asked me if I wanted a ride to the church so I said sure and told him I had some Dublin Dr Pepper for Selah and Avalon - they knew I was coming and knew I was bringing it. So the golf cart guy took me around back to where the tour bus was :) I spotted Jeremi from Avalon and called his name and told him who I was and he was glad to meet me finally. He took me to the bus and put it on there (I did not get to see the inside and I didn't take pictures - next time though). I also gave him two cans of the old stuff so that they could do a taste test to see that the Dublin stuff tastes better. And then Selah played first but not very long and during the break/shoe auction I took the box of teaching stuff that I had brought to send back to Nashville for the wife of one of the pastor's at Cross Point Church who does homeschool. Then Avalon played but also not very long - I need to see them again. They too now have a special spot in my heart :) Then there was an autograph session in which I proceeded to distribute the presents. Gave Janna and Greg a teddy bear for their baby to be, gave Todd a book to give to his three girls - it's a Beezus and Ramona book. I told him the box of teaching stuff was for Blake's wife but alas Todd proceeded to claim it for Angie lol Hopefully they like it. There was some good stuff in there and I wanted it to go to someone that homeschools. I gave Allan the Texas Longhorns key chain bottle opener I got in Oklahoma lol - apparently on Texas/OU weekend. I also gave him a book I got him that I thought he might enjoy. I too am a big music person - ummm let me see I grew up in a musical family. We used to have my aunts and uncles and cousins come over for dinner and after dinner it never failed - there was a gather around and sing hymns and other praise songs while my dad and uncles played their guitars and my mom played piano and my Aunt Marilyn played accordion (or the reverse). Then in the 4th grade I got enrolled in piano for a whopping three months (my mother had no patience lol) and one year later the big announcement came - I was a drummer except I consider myself a percussionist. Then at the big age of 1-9 I was a clarinetist. And my first major was music thanks to my high school band director :) So yep big time music person as is Allan obviously. So I thought he might like the book. I know I would. And then I hung out til they were all done with autographs and I got to visit a little bit with someone (seriously don't want to go into details here - e-mail me if you want to know the scoop).

Okay here are a few pics for ya:

The alumni guest house I stayed at

Janna and Greg Long with the teddy bear I got them.

Jeremi and Amy Richardson of Avalon

Todd, Amy and Allan aka Selah

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