Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Potter's Hand

It is Tuesday yay!!! I got up and I am showered and I actually have read in my Bible this morning. I am trying to see if I can do this on Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday and then on Monday and Wednesday (let me count real quick to see if that is all 7 days - yep all 7 days lol) read in the evening before I go night night (I am the big 8X5 almost plus 1 and I still say night night lol). I am praying more, but I really want to be more consistent in spending time in reading my Bible each day. I like to do a study with a book and I am almost done with By Faith: Living in the Certainty of God's Reality. I have not rushed through which is good - I will read a little bit and then try to reflect on what I read. That is what I am trying to do this morning before I finish getting ready to head out the door. Soooo here we go. I am going to share with you a few things that stood out to me.

I am in the last chapter about God rewarding completed faith. In Hebrews 11:35-38 it talks about some rewards of faith. Not all of them were positive. I think back to when I got fired for sharing my faith and yep sometimes the reward of faith - like when I took a stand for sharing my faith - does lead to something not so pleasant. In my situation I got fired. Your faith will cost you and when your faith is put on trial so to speak you have to not think about the here and the now, but think about eternity. Think about standing before the Lord someday and how you want to hear Him say well done my good and faithful servant. For me I also thought about how I didn't want to deny Him because He would deny me. And in those times when we are faced with our faith being put on trial you are never alone. You may not see Him but you sure do feel the presence of the Lord and He gives you strength to pass through. To pass the test of faith.

Another thing that stood out to me was this - when people face an unpleasant circumstance in life, it reveals the depth of their faith. I have to tell you after I got fired - even before as I was put on paid suspension while they decided what to do - it was tough. I hit a low point, but my friend Joanne who had been praying for me said that the light was still there. Not that I wish to go through all that I went through, but I wish 5 could have responded differently. I am ashamed at the worry and the depression that came along. But I am thankful that God was there and did teach me to reach out to Him and He did pull me up. The last six years has not been easy at times, but He is teaching me to trust Him more. To depend on Him fully and completely. It is not easy at times, but it gets a little easier.

The cry of my heart is for God to keep working on me and to keep changing me so I can be more like Jesus. I want to keep growing in my walk with Him and to get to the next place He would have me to be in my walk with Him. I know it is a never ending process. As my old pastor Dr. Mac Brunson said - we have to work out what God works in us. And that is what I do each day. I want to be genuine - I want my faith to be genuine. I want to be clay in my Potter's hands.

That is all for today. Leave me some comment love. Enjoy the video.

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