Friday, October 2, 2009

Testify To Love

It is Friday yay!!! And I have been paid three times this week :) And yesterday I did something I have not done in a while - I bought an outfit that I can wear for work or church :) I am working on updating my professional wardrobe. It needs it big time. I am going to be getting rid of stuff as I buy stuff. And my cute outfit will not be worn until next Friday at the Selah and Avalon concert in Oklahoma City (and I just would like to establish for the record I am not the only crazy Californian out there - my friend Steve who I went to Fresno State with is currently in Florida with his wife and is considering driving to Raleigh for a U2 concert lol).

So this week has been fun in my classes. We have had some good laughs that were much needed. And things are finally getting better at Hill College :)

Okay so let's see funny story number 1:

On Wednesday in my general psych class I was doing an experiment with my students on writing and I was telling them if they were a hooked left or a straight right then they were dominant on a certain side of the brain. Then I said, "Okay who are my hookers?" lol We had a good laugh over that and of course it eventually had to tell them the story of how I got one of my nicknames - Hooker. It was not for a bad reason lol It was because I was playing matchmaker for the Southwest District Alumni Association of Kappa Kappa Psi and Tau Beta Sigma. I can match you up the rest is up to you lol So one of my sorority sisters said she was telling people I was hooking again lol So thus the nickname Hooker lol

Also on Wednesday we had a funny naked story in my human lifespan development class. Which was told in my general psych class. And of course when my student was telling the story I have to comment about the lady being on the phone naked. I notice the oddest things lol And I could not be talking to someone on the phone naked ewww put some clothes on lol

Then yesterday we had some good laughs involving man bags and prenatal vitamins lol You had to be there.

Oh and I returned the rental laptop as Hill College has checked me out a Dell for the rest of the semester and it has Windows XP yee haw!!!

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