Tuesday, September 29, 2009

I Will Rise

So I am watching Joyful Noise Cafe this morning on the Gospel Music Channel - that's a nice way to start the morning :) And it is Tuesday I think I might be getting paid from Navarro College today. I sure hope so - gotta get the land line turned back on ooops. That is okay I have my cell phone. Which I am considering upping the minutes on and canceling the land line - don't know yet.

Last night after laundry I swung by Whole Foods. Let me just say I felt like I was shopping in the Saks 5th Avenue of grocery stores. I am a Kroger gal and not used to all this fancy smancy stuff. I decided to check the tea section to see if they had Republic of Tea and lo and behold they did. I bought the stuff that Allan recommended - Pink Lady. It is apple flavored. I tried some last night. It smelled appley but it didn't taste appley enough. I direct messaged him in twitter for tea making advice and he direct messaged me back and let me know how he makes it. So I will have to try it that way. You would think after the 2 1/2 months I spent in Korea that I would have learned something about making tea. Nope. But I did get myself a neat chopstick set :) And of course I do not know how to use them lol

Oh and in exactly 3 weeks from today I will be the answer to this math problem: 8X5+1 How the heck I got to be this age I do not know.

Today's video is a Chris Tomlin one. They were playing it on Joyful Noise Cafe so I thought I'd look for it on youtube. It was there :)

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