Monday, December 28, 2009

Glory To God Forever

Okay so today's post not depressing. Yes it sucks some of the stuff that has happened this month, but I know God cared sooo much about me that He would not let me be all depressed and dwell on it. Don't completely understand it, but thank you God for caring that much about me :)

Sooo let me se. I did not get to see my family yet again this Christmas. But this Christmas was better than last Christmas even though I did not decorate yet again (1. No room in the living room 2. Cat that would destroy everything in a heartbeat lol). I did spend the day with my friend Melissa's family. I think I need to make things different and better next year. I did not take advantage of focusing in on the true meaning (probably because let me see 3 jobs and had finals and grading to do so a little hard to do that). But in 2010 it will be different.

I did find a job to apply for in Gallatin, TN at Volunteer State Community College. I will be working on my cover letter and tweaking my resume. The deadline to apply is January 21st and they begin review of applications on January 22nd. It is for an advisor/counselor position. Perfect for me :) I want to be able to get an interview instead of them looking at my application and passing it over since I don't have direct experience. So prayers are appreciated.

Church was awesome again yesterday even though I was late and missed the music and had to sit behind a pole lol I really like Fielder Road Baptist Church. I am glad I took that leap of faith and transferred my membership. Yesterday's sermon has got me thinking about how in 2010 I want to take each day one day at a time and really learn to focus in on Jesus so He can grow me in my walk with Him. I can't jump ahead and think about tomorrow. I just have to take it literally one day at a time.

Okay today's video is by Fee. I got my brother the cd for his birthday for $5 off of :) Go ahead and ask me how much i spent on Christmas presents, 2 birthday presents and the last Selah cd to make my collection complete :)

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