Friday, December 11, 2009

I Am Sick

It is cold and I am officially sick. Went to JPS Urgent Care (aka the place where the people with no insurance go and meet certain income guidelines - that would be me). The diagnosis is a sinus infection with bronchitis and my asthma is flared up. She said my sinus cavities were full (I already knew that, but thanks for making it official lol). They did not give me a bill, but they will bill me and I can pay it out. The visit was $160.00 so not too bad. I am getting my prescriptions filled at Wal Mart since they are $4. I get cough meds, a decongestant, a steroid, and an asthma inhaler (yay! my old one expired a while back - not gonna take expired speed - I mean albuterol). I am going to get myself enrolled in the JPS thing come January so I can hopefully be able to go to the doctor every once in a blue moon when I get sick.

I am still dealing with what I am dealing with. I know it will get better with time. I just have to keep praying and allowing God to grow me through this and to just lean into Him. And eventually I will share what I am going through, just not yet.

Okay off to take a shower and put my jammies on. My sinuses hurt and the steam from a warm shower will help them.

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