Sunday, December 13, 2009

How Can I Fall

My meds are kicking in. Thank you Jesus for $4 prescriptions at Target (I did not have to go to Wal Mart woo hoo). Still have my cough, but at least I am not hacking up a lung during the night - I can sleep better. Except when I first went to sleep last night it was weird after I took the steroids I had to take before bed time. It eventually got better and the kitties were nice and comfy like they always are sleeping on top of me or next to me.

I also got a direct message from one of my twitter friends. Thanks Jason for praying for me. I appreciate it. And I had a good talk with my friend Shane via facebook last night. I can't believe I was actually listening to him. If you know me and you know Shane this is a miracle lol. Yep same guy who is a graduate of Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary (or cemetery as I like to call it since my friend George who also went there said they bury you with work lol) and dragged me to see Team America World Police. Well he didn't really drag me, I wanted to go to the movies. I just had no idea what the movie was about lol I still am scarred to this day lol So yeah it was nice to have a good talk with him. My good crazy fellow native Californian friend (except he and his wife are back in California). I will have to snag this pic of him that shows you his craziness. It is funny. He is also the guy who called all his seminary professors dude and has called his grandma dude as well. And I survived California Baptist University with him lol.

So last night while working on my Friday class' grades I was listening to some 80's music videos. I thought hmm I think for a while I will kick all the way back to an era I remember well since I was a teenager in the 80's and start putting up an 80's video every time I blog. Soooo today's 80's video is How Can I Fall by Breathe. They are from England mate (that was said in an English accent lol) and this song is off their album All That Jazz that came out in 1987 (I was working on my sophomore year of college at College of the Sequoias). Sooo enjoy!! And love the hair and everyone go out and get their hair done like the 80's again :)

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