Monday, December 7, 2009

Unfulfilled Dreams

So sometimes I don't know what to make of life. I mean when another day or another week or another month or another year goes by and the dreams that you have for your life still go unfilled even though you are praying and trying for them to happen. Does God really care about every single aspect of your life? Does He care about you in the midst of the disappointment that can seem to come out of nowhere? I am going to have to get yesterday's sermon and listen again because I think that whether I like it or not I am having to live out this week's sermon.

So that is where I am. My heart hurts. I know I need to make it through this week - finals and all.

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Rand said...

I believe that, of course, God care about all the little things in our lives. But having said that, I don't think there is a blueprint established so we have to go step by step through it. I think it is in moments like these when we hurt and are looking for answers that we can come up with the best ideas in order to change things. Just think about what you wants and go for it.