Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Back In The Groove

I am slowly getting myself around. If it would warm up I would do better. Yep native Californian here who is proud of the fact that even temps in the 30's are too cold for her :)

So yesterday was the first day of classes at Hill College. It is nice to say that things this semester have gotten off to a better start :) Not only did I manage to get there before my 9:30 class started (despite the fact that there was traffic issues on the 20 and I may have hit a work convoy on the 67), my syllabus and schedule of events was all ready for me. I also got parking on campus and both my classes are in the same room this semester (the one with the projector and computer and screen). And my classes are not too bad this semester. The afternoon class once again has an interesting personality. I blame Dakota for that one. I may be joining him in therapy this semester lol I have also designated two people in my afternoon class to be my shut up people so I don't have to tell someone to shut the hell up. I will let the students do it :) And in my morning class if someone is getting annoying I will use the prosthetic leg of one of my students to smack people upside the head lol But it will be fun as I continue to apply for full time positions at colleges.

Oh and one of my students in my afternoon class is an artist and thus an art major. Sweet!! Gonna possibly get my children's book illustrated. And something else cool happened yesterday, but I ain't a saying. And I had a sushi buffet for dinner last night and it was yummy. May have to go do it again next week :)

Okay today's video is by one of my favorite groups: Earth Wind and Fire. I want this song played at my wedding reception and yep I want to get married in September :) And yep I was alive when this came out, but wasn't listening to them yet lol Dude I was in the 5th grade And yep I have seen them in concert once and it was for f-r-e-e and I took one of my cool sorority sisters with me and she was the second to the youngest there lol

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MissMegan85 said...

You can't write.. "And something else cool happened yesterday, but I ain't a saying.".. that's soo not cool!

Maybe reveal to the loyal readers? Inquiring minds want to know!