Thursday, January 14, 2010

My Tour Rider

Today is going to be a fun blog. Last night I talked to the music minister at my church about bringing in a Christian group that I like. He said for me to get the information to him and he would look into it. I went to their booking agency website and found their link with their tour rider - what they require should you decide to bring them in. I was laughing at some of the stuff and then I discovered The Smoking Gun and tour riders they have found for some well known bands, comedians and singers. And I had a good laugh yet again. My friend Kelly and I were talking about what we'd want in our riders. So I thought I'd share with everyone in case I ever come to visit what I expect (and please note I am sooo joking - I am not in anyway shape or form a diva although I do like me a good pair of shoes, purse, jewelry, and perfume and nail polish, but a diva I am not).

Kathi's Tour Rider:

1. 1 2-liter bottle of Diet Pepsi chilled no ice.
2. Pizza that is not from Dominos that is sausage, mushroom and extra cheese (example: Pizza Hut, Papa John's or a local hole in the wall pizza place).
3. If I am in Pismo Beach, CA the pizza must be from Klondike Cafe and I will let you know what I want :)
4. Brand new Dell Inspirion Laptop in Bulldog Red with a rewritable cd/dvd drive and sparkles
5. Brand new 64 gb iPod touch also in Bulldog red and with sparkles
6. One can Aqua Net Hairspray
7. Lemon bars
8. Pecan pie made with Jack Daniels made by one Kelly Lawrence from Rockwall, TX :)
9. Bottle of Jack Daniels to go with the pecan pie :)
10. If I am in Atlanta, I expect that we will pay a visit to The Varsity :)
11. If I am in Nashville, I expect that we will pay a visit to Loveless Cafe or Pancake Pantry.

Okay now ya know what will make having me come visit you a bit better for me :)

If you want to check out some funny tour riders go to:

It is hilarious.

Okay the video today is by Rascal Flatts. I was trying to find something funny to tie into this, but I decided Rascal Flatts is H-O-T and I love their music. So here ya go :)

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Anonymous said...

I think if I required anything it would be:

1.) Sweet Tea
2.) Really sweet tea