Tuesday, January 19, 2010

What Faith Can Do

So I have a health concern. Well two. First of all my sinuses are flared up again. I would go to the doctor, but ummm no health insurance and I cannot afford the medications I would need. My second concern is my blood pressure. It was elevated when I went to the doctor in December for my sinus infection and it was elevated again on Sunday when I got it taken by one of the college students. I don't know if it is always elevated, but I used to never have problems before. I am concerned because once again no health insurance. So hello 2010 welcome to for sure it being the year I make some positive changes in the health department. I am going to get myself back on the exercise band wagon and also I am tweaking my food. I do have whole wheat tortillas when I make my breakfast on Friday and Sunday. And I have boneless skinless chicken in my freezer, I bought brown rice again, I bought some whole wheat spaghetti, and I have my whole wheat bread. I am going to do some more tweaking and find some ways that are free to lower my blood pressure. Like I am going to start back in exercising. I kind of got off the exercise band wagon in August when I was working three jobs (and thus stayed like that during the entire semester). Of course I was also stressed out so I am sure that did not help. I am also going to buy more fresh fruits and vegetables as well. Bye bye canned veggies in the pantry.

And then of course I think too about how I can't wait to have a full time job doing something I love where God made me just for that position. I am tired of having no insurance. I want to be able to go to the doctor and get things checked out. I am tired of not being able to deal with my sinus stuff via over the counter medications (I am not going to take that stuff when I had a reading where the top number was 140. Not such a good idea). I just have to keep trusting God as I am applying for positions. He knows my heart and He knows I need a miracle to happen. He knows my struggles and He knows my health concerns.

I heard this song this morning on the radio and have heard it before. I finally realized it was Kutless. I love Kutless. I always think of the red Kutless shirt that my friend George has. So whatever you are going through, I hope that this song is an encouragement to you. Sorry it is not the actual video. Embedding was disabled lol. But if you search youtube you can find the actual video where they are playing the piano and all the other stuff :)

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Heather Adkins said...

Hi Kathi. Just thought I would let you know that the top number for your blood pressure is your heart when it is active and the bottom is when it is in a resting state. while its not good to have either elevated, 140 isnt a major concern. You need to be focused on the bottom number. its the important one. You need to keep that number under 100 preferrably around 80ish. Hope that helps