Sunday, January 10, 2010

It has been 2010 for 10 days now. Yee haw!! Let's see what have I done thus far.

Well for New Year's Eve I stayed home with the zoo. I ordered pizza from Nizza Pizza and had leftovers for lunch the next day. On New Year's Day I watched me the Rose Parade. I love that parade. I have been to it once waayy back in 1997. I did not sleep at all that night because I could not bring myself to sleep on the ground. It was tons of fun too, but I digress. This year's Rose Parade was awesome. They had a blind marching band from Ohio. Wow how awesome is that! And they were good. And then they had my favorites. The Salvation Army band and the float made by both Cal Polies. So it was a good day :)

I have started doing something that I want to keep up this year. I have been reading my Bible everyday. I am doing the Crosspoint 31 day thing, but starting last Sunday January 3rd when I got a One Year Bible from church (which I thought I would need a magnifying glass lol), I have been reading that each day as well. I am still two days behind, but I will eventually get caught up. I am only one day behind with Proverbs :)
I have been thinking about some of the goals I have established for myself for this year. Here ya go:

1. Read my Bible everyday.
2. Take it one day at a time and trust God.
3. Get a full time position at a college as a college counselor (getting a full time job has been my goal every year since I lost my job, I pray that this is the year it happens for me especially in light of recent job developments - if you need a dog/cat/house sitter and you live out of town or state I am available Friday Saturday Sunday and Monday)
4. Get back into exercising and lose 50-100 pounds.
5. Add some more decent stylish clothes to my wardrobe that I can wear to work or church.
6. Mix it up with the shoes (I did that today and let me tell ya my feet hurt lol)
7. Finish working on the doll house (needs a roof and a roof top deck with a pool - I'll take pics woo hoo)
8. Finish reading my unread books
9. Finish my cross stitch projects
10. Finish the alumni association scrapbooks (and then pat myself on the back that I don't do that for my personal photos lol)
11. Do one fun thing a week.

Okay that is it. I got a cool video. Michael W. Smith. Still love him after all these years :)

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