Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Little House on the Prairie

So today I am still on schedule in my classes. Yep hell has frozen over lol And since I am on schedule today we started on the brain. I actually like this lecture and always create a recipe sections on Blackboard lol I also tie in Little House on the Prairie to the brain (there is a way to do it lol). So today we saw the clip I tie in. When you break things down it makes me laugh. And I am going to get people thinking today lol

The clip is from season 7 and the episode was a two parter entitled To See the Light. So to set it up Mary Ingalls is married to Adam Kendall (and do not even get me started on the fact that in real life Mary was not even married). So Adam is blind and they are running a blind school with Hester Sue. Some blasting oil has been brought in and is conveniently being stored where the braille books are that are needed for the blind school. Hester Sue and Adam go to the warehouse and first off why is Adam not using his cane. It is hanging off his arm lol So cue something bad might be lurking. Hester Sue goes off to find a crow bar so they can open the box of braille books since it is too heavy to carry. Hester Sue can't find it and Adam starts walking (without his cane) and then walla he trips and falls forward landing on the blasting oil which explodes. Except it didn't do the explosion you would have expected it to do lol But that is Hollywood for you.

Fast forward to Adam is in the hospital room (there's a bunch of other stuff in between - and yep the guy playing Percival was on that side of the fence in real life). He wakes up and he can see. He can see!! Wow it is a miracle. You learn later in the episode that he lost his sight from hitting his head. So that makes you wonder exactly what part of the brain he damaged to lose it. Was it his occiptial lobes? Or did they just have pressure on it because after he hits his head in the blasting oil accident he gets his sight back. And the OCD in me was all - Mary is laying on the bed in her street clothes with her shoes on? lol I know my future husband is gonna love me :)

I will leave you with two clips. You decide :)


Kelly Dawn said...

okwoman - i only have one thing to say - QUIT DISSECTNIG LITTLE HOUSE ON THE PRAIRIE AND JUST ENJOY IT :) YOU gOOBER~!

Kathi said...

Okay don't even get me started on the blind school fire lol That sooo could have been prevented. Who sees smoke coming from under the door and then proceeds to open the door. Oh wait that was Albert who did not even really exist in real life :)