Monday, January 25, 2010

Don't Stop Believing

So today has been an okay day. It's Monday what can I say? My sinuses have been flared up and due to the blood pressure issue I was a tad afraid to take my over the counter decongestant. But I did and it is kicking in. Thank you Jesus!! I figure the banana I had at breakfast ought to help.

I applied for some jobs today - five to be exact. I am still praying for that position I applied for in Tennessee. I really want to get interviewed. I will either drive to the interview, or my next door neighbor said she would for gas money. But I know if God allows it to happen, He will make the way.

The foster kitty came out a few times today. I was really proud of Ella for not bothering her. At one point Ella was asleep on the back of the recliner and little Callie (I had to give her a name lol) was laying in front of the living room window on the floor. She bolted when I moved the curtain. Eventually I will be able to catch her and get her in to get spayed. Please no going into heat lol. It was bad enough when Ella had her whopping one heat and was "flirting" with the carpet and enjoying her grooming she got from Sugar. Ewww.

Today's video is a flashback. My favorite band of all time Journey!!! I should find me some Journey posters lol I bet they have them on E-bay :) I think I need to not stop believing that God has a plan for my life and is with me through this really adventurous part of The Great Faith Adventure :)


MissMegan85 said...

It's sad to me that most of the current generation won't really know this song because of JOURNEY but more so because of GLEE! :(

Anonymous said...

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