Thursday, February 4, 2010

It's 5' o clock Somewhere

My apologies for the lack of updates this week. It has sort of been hit the ground running. I am ready for the weekend (especially right now because my sinuses are acting up yet again and I am ready for a nap). Laying on the couch in my jammies with a couple of cats reading Hear No Evil (me reading not the cats - although if they were able to read I'd be making some serious money lol) sounds soooo good. I think I will send one of my students on a soda run for me (it is entirely too early for alternative beverages even if it is 5:00 somewhere lol) And side note now I have that song in my head and yep it's gonna be the video for today on my blog lol

So I commented on Matt Costner's blog last week and he commented back that I was probably full of crazy stories like the one I shared (it was about me getting rear ended in ice in February 2003). Well, guess what he is right. I attribute it to all my years spent in band, a sorority, being in student government, being a Vintage Days Coordinator for 2 years in a row, and well just being from California :) I decided i will share one crazy story a week from my vault of crazy stories :)

Today's crazy but true story comes from my days as a pledge for my sorority (Tau Beta Sigma - we have a brother fraternity which is Kappa Kappa Psi). This was back in the fall of 1990. My pledge class (the Zetas - in Z formation!!) was given the task of having to kidnap the top secret chapter mascot by the pledge trainers (the fact that they gave us this task should have clued us in that the actives knew about this, but we did not make the connection lol). Yep we have a top secret chapter mascot and I ain't saying what it is lol So we had to figure out how the heck we were going to get this mascot. We decided that my pledge brother Chris (aka Schelpprock) was going to be one of the people to help acquire it on Friday during marching band since he was not in marching band (he said it was due to night blindness - ummm why we bought this I don't know since Bulldog Stadium was lit up for night football games and Chris could have seen perfectly fine). We had to come up with someone else who could easily get out of band on Friday. Enter me. I had previously hit a car on my bike during the summer and decided it would be brilliant for me to fake a knee injury and hobble around on crutches for a few days to make it credible and plausible. Then on Friday afternoon me and Chris would be able to kidnap the mascot. So on Wednesday I manage to find a pair of crutches and thus begin 3 days of hobbling around. I remember the night before I totally lied to my big sis as I said my knee was acting up and I might have to have surgery. That was too funny. On Wednesday as I am hobbling throughout the day I have people in the dining hall offer to carry my tray, I have people carrying my cymbals to band. I am even getting out of having to march during practice that day lol Same thing happens on Thursday (I almost got caught by one of the actives who lived in my dorm - dude my arms were hurting and I wanted to walk normal for a while). On Friday the day of the kidnapping I go inside the music building while the rest of the band is outside to find Chris so we can do the deed and then somehow things get weird and the other cymbal player who we had to swear to secrecy catches me not on my crutches. And another one of my pledge brothers Brandon (aka Twizzler - you don't want to know lol) helps Chris carry it out. I then join Chris in my pledge sister Beth's car (aka Uke) and hang out with hin during band. Then somehow things get weird after that yet again. It involved my pledge sister Lara (aka Pepper)trying to kidnap the chapter president Cheryl (aka Glove) and it failing and then Chris somehow getting left by himself to drive at night when he is night blind. My pledge class ends up at Round Table Pizza waiting for Chris to show up and when he did we all hug attacked him. Then later that night we sent the actives on a scavenger hunt (my clue was the instrument that I play is cymbalic of who I am - yep deep thinker lol). And the Zetas wore their pledge class shirts and we were all amazed at how Twizzler's glowed in the dark and somehow Andrew (aka M.O.O.S.E.) knocked Brad (aka Skippy) over in the hall and then we almost all quit. Oh and the mascot we thought we kidnapped was a piece of wood in a box - they had the mascot. So yep crazy times.

Okay laugh at how the Zetas didn't quite get a few things lol And enjoy the video.

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