Saturday, February 6, 2010

A Hodgepodge Of Stuff

*Steps on soapbox* Okay seriously I tell one of my crazy stories from back in the day and I get no comments? I have got to get myself some more followers and comments. ^Steps off soapbox and curtsies^

Last Saturday I finished reading Same Kind of Different As Me and I have some stuff I want to write about it, but alas I have sinus pain yet again (this has been an ongoing battle. One day a few weeks ago I was actually feeling great and then the weather changed and everything went downhill again). So when I stop having sinus pain or when I am on my sinus meds then I will talk about a few of the things that stuck out to me.

The 3rd cat is still here. She is supposed to be getting a home. She has to get spayed which is supposed to happen on February 16th (now that I have blogged the date I will not forget lol). She is getting brave and coming out more. I caught her on the counter and she managed to get herself inside the cabinet underneath the sink and managed to get herself back out. Yeah cats are odd lol Who knows what the heck they are doing while I am not here.

Tonight I have to share that a small miracle occurred. I have been praying about someone who I thought he and I would were on the path to friendship and then some stuff happened in December and things got bad and he has not been speaking to me. He is sick right now and I have been praying for him and let him know via twitter (I have also been praying for him in general and also that he would speak to me again). Well tonight he tweeted me and thanked me for the prayers (the ones for him to get better) and that he is feeling pretty rough. Which God has interesting timing - I had totally just been praying for him in the kitchen while doing my dishes. So yay for small miracles. I will keep on praying. I have to remember that some prayers will take time before there are answers. I think about my friend Dan and how I had been praying for him to find a church and I remember when he told me he was starting to look. I told him what I had been praying for regarding him and he said keep praying. So I will keep praying for my friend. He really is one of those people that I would love to have as a friend in life. I think that this year I may be able to eventually listen to my Selah cds again :) And if he ever drops by here, I really do mean what I say - I would love to have you as a friend in life. You and I are a lot of like in many ways and we have a lot of things in common and you make me laugh and you are just someone that is one of those people that would be a great friend. A best friend even.

Okay time for me to go become every guy's fantasy woman hahaha I am gonna put on my Texas A and M jammies, slap on the Vic's Vapo-rub on my forehead and cheeks and take some night time sinus meds. Enjoy today's video. It is by one of my favorite 80's groups: Huey Lewis and the News!! From one of my favorite movies Back to the Future :) Great now I want to watch the triology (I have it on dvd woo hoo)

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