Monday, February 8, 2010

Superbowl Fun

Church was great yesterday. I really do like my new church. Have I said that lately? I am glad that I took a step of faith and finally transferred my membership. God is really blessing me there and I am continuing to grow in my walk with Him. Plus the people that I am meeting are really nice. And I love the college students. God is helping me to make connections with them even though I am a psych instructor and they are in school (well most of them - a few are not).

The sermon yesterday was in the Life Apps series. I love the gigantic fake iPhone that they use in the 11:00 service. I think when the series is over with I will miss it. It is really cool. I love that Fielder Road uses some interesting props for the sermons. Anyway the sermon was on courage and had lots of good stuff to think about and I made a note to buy the sermon cd. When I can safely go into the living room without disturbing cat #3 I shall find my notes which have to be re-copied and share a few things that stuck out to me (cat #3 is currently curled up in the cat bed lol).

In the evening I went to the college Superbowl party at the church which was lots of fun. I took the son of one of my former students and had fun saying "This is Caleb. His mom was one of my students." Then explaining no I am not ancient and no his mom was not one of my elementary students. Caleb seemed to enjoy himself and he also liked church (he visited finally and really liked the 11:00 service). This was an answer to prayer because I had invited him a while back as his church does not have a lot of stuff for his age and my church does. He can have a chance to break out of his shell and expand his horizons. Plus it is nice to make a new friend.

And I have to comment on the Superbowl commercials. I loved the Betty White one and the Focus on the Family one (because I heard the guy from Focus on the Family talk about it on WBAP 820 on Thursday) and the Dodge one. The KISS one not so much. They just scare me lol Does KISS scare anyone else? And how prey tell can someone be afraid of clowns but not KISS?

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