Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Mo Money Mo Problems

This morning was fun in my psychology class. It always reminds me of why I like working with college students. And I truly thank God that He is helping me to make connections to them because I do believe I already am.

We had a fun discussion on memory today and I whipped out my mp3 player and shocked them with a couple of songs they never thought I'd have on there lol One was California Love and the other was Mo Money Mo Problems. Yep that is right I have those songs on my mp3 player and yep I get my native Californian with a tattoo (I have to start working in that I have a tattoo lol) inner dancer groove going on. I also always think of Los Osos, CA and how my brother-in-law liked this song and would every once in a while make out the check to Falcon Cable: Falcon f#$%^% cable (insert the rest of the f word where the symbols are lol). So today's video is going to be Mo Money Mo Problems :) All of you can get your inner dancer on too :)

Last night I walked into the kitchen and lo and behold 3rd cat was hanging out in the sink. She has gotten brave. Very brave. I did get to pet her and hold her again. Gotta get her to like me before I throw her in a cat carrier for her to go get her innards ripped out next Tuesday so she won't be able to have babies. Then she gets to go to her new home and it will be back to Sugar, Ella, 6 rodents and a turtle. Next time someone comes to visit I will be charging $2 for admission lol

Okay here's the video. Enjoy!!

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