Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Awesome is the Lord Most High

So yesterday I splurged a little and bought not one but 2 cd's at Family Christian Store (they were on sale for $7.77 woo hoo!!). I bought Chris Tomlin's See The Morning cd (and hopefully he will accept my friend request on facebook even when I got the name of the cd wrong lol). I bought two of them because one is for me and one is for my friend Caleb. I think this may be his first Chris Tomlin cd and I think he will enjoy it. He is coming out of a church where they are reserved when it comes to expressing worship to my church where people raise their hands as the Spirit moves or clap their hands (I love sitting on the stage with the orchestra in the 9:30 service and getting a glimpse of all the people as they are praising and worshiping the Lord - that's what it is all about!). And I am praying that this year for Caleb that he will grow closer to God and just come to love Him even more and just to cry out to Him and to just break out of the shell and step out of the box. To experience God in a whole new way.

I am enjoying listening to the cd and I am just listening to what the message is in the songs. I am facing a time right now where I don't know how I am going to pay the rent this month and how I am going to get the rest of the bills paid, keep gas in the car to get to my 2 jobs, and keep food on the table. I got paid from Hill College, but it was for $552. I couldn't save that out for the rent as I have some other bills that had to get paid and have to get the electric bill paid next week as well as the water/garbage or I will get disconnected. I also had to get more gas in the car to get to work and buy some more groceries as I was on the verge of running completely out. I am choosing not to worry and instead I am praying. In times like these you can make a choice - to worry or to pray. I choose to pray. And I do keep applying for jobs. I want to see that prayer answered of a full time job this year. I am tired of the struggles. I also want to find something that will work with me teaching for the rest of the semester so I don't have to quit. Even though it is hard, I want to be a woman of integrity and honor my commitment I have made.

Then there's the prayer that is really a lot on my heart. I want it to be my turn to meet a wonderful Godly Christian man and get married. I didn't want to be single all my life. I want to share my life with the guy God has picked out for me. And I pray for some friends I can hang out with and do stuff with. And I miss having a good guy friend. I have always had at least one good guy friend. I do pray that Caleb and I will get to be the best of friends. I pray too for God to bring the man he has picked out for my life into my life to be a friend to me and as we hang out with each other that God will be moving in our hearts. Stirring them up and drawing us to each other.

Okay here is the video for Awesome is the Lord Most High. Lyrics underneath so you can sing along :)

Great are You, Lord
Mighty in strength
You are faithful
You will ever be

We will praise You
All of our days
It's for Your glory
We offer everything

Raise your hands, all you nations
Shout to God all creation
How awesome is the Lord most high

Where You send us
God, we will go
You're the answer
We want the world to know

We will trust You
When You call our name
Where You lead us
We'll follow all the way

We will praise You together
For now and forever
How awesome is the Lord most high

How awesome is the Lord most high

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