Sunday, March 7, 2010

Jesus Messiah

Today I was thankful for my church. I am learning that God cares about every single aspect of my life. Even where I go to church. I am glad that He helped me to see that it was time to leave FBC Dallas and that He let me know I was supposed to go to Fielder Road Baptist Church. I am glad He did. It is nice to be somewhere I am growing in my walk with God and that the word of God is preached and that the pastoral staff cares about you being plugged into a small group. I also love that they know you by name. It is great. So I am thankful. True I am still in a transition phase - I want to make some connections with people and to build some friendships so I don't have to spend as much time as I do by myself. I really like my small group that I am in and look forward to how we continue to come together. True we are not perfect, but we will help one another as God provides with however we can.

Today the band in the 11:00 service rocked the house as usual!! Seriously I think they need to put out an album. Go on tour with Chris Tomlin :) Or Lincoln Brewster :) Or Hillsong United :) We sang this song today - Jesus Messiah. Thought I'd put it on the blog today.

And I really liked the sermon today. I feel like I have been left in the dust by two friends after I introduced them to each other. They seem not to care about it. I am not going to lie - it hurts. It's like one friend was enjoying hanging out with me and then he met my friend Allison and boom bye bye see ya later alligator. I have been told to give it time. I will. Lay low for all this week. It still hurts though.

Okay enjoy the video. Megan calm yourself lol And I think I am going to have to go with you to a Chris Tomlin concert so there is no restraining order filed against you after you meet him lol

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