Monday, March 29, 2010


I would like to have a do over of this weekend. It all would have started with me ignoring the text from Caleb asking me if I got the job at UTA (I have not yet heard anything). Basically I found out this weekend that he thinks most of my text messages are sewage so he ignores them. Thanks buddy - why the heck did you text me then to ask me if i got the job?

Moving right along, April is fast approaching. I will be glad for a new month to begin. Although it does mean I will be in the last month of the semester. Which means two jobs go away for a while if I don't get hired someplace soon. Try telling a potential employer when they ask how soon you could start that you can't start until May 10th because you are wrapping up the semester and now would not be a good time to abandon ship. Yet right now I don't have time to add in a fourth job since it is going to get hectic in a few more weeks - grading finals and papers.

On a brighter note (middle C lol) I am going to go see Selah on April 30th. I can't wait and I think I am going to see if I can win tickets to Christian Youth weekend at Six Flags. Kutless and Jeremy Camp!! And I think I might splurge and on April 16th go to Dallas for the Rock and Worship Road Tour - a whole lot of great Christian groups that I like. And finally on May 1st the 2010 Mission at Quik Trip Park in Grabd Prairie. Maybe I can get a few things autographed that are hanging in here (Mercy Me - although it would be nice for Audio Adrenaline to suddenly get back together and then I can get my poster autographed lol).

I have been listening to KLTY a lot more these days. I really like that radio station - nice encouraging music and I LOVE Christian music - well heck music in general :)

Okay today's video is Tonight by Jeremy Camp. I am not sure if I have put this up before (are you really going to make me search my blog to find out? lol). Jeremy Camp will be at Christian Youth Weekend. If i miraculously win tickets maybe i can miraculously meet him and have him autograph my cds and ticket stubs :) I have seen him once before for f-r-e-e!! The video is a treat - it is Jeremy live :)

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