Saturday, March 27, 2010

Love the Lord

I ordered the cd of the 11:00 service at my church on March 14th because I really liked the message that Larry Nelson preached. Well I did not know that it had the entire service on there (just thought it would be the sermon). Pretty cool that the entire service is on there because you get the music with our awesome worship team (a lot of them are professional musicians). They always do a song as people come in and on this cd they were doing Love the Lord by Lincoln Brewster. So I decided that would be the video for today :)

March is coming to an end and I can't believe it. It also means the semester is coming to an end sooner than I expected (we have 6 weeks left). I have started to reflect on how God has brought me through a tough month financially. I don't know how He does it, but when I got my last bill paid I thanked Jesus. I am not going to lie I am struggling financially right now and it has been a tough couple of months and April isn't looking even better. I am back to three part time jobs, but I don't get paid from Navarro College until the end of April. That means once again I am not sure how my rent is getting paid. I don't make enough from Hill College to pay it all and if I saved it all for the rent then I would not be able to pay the other bills that are due at the beginning and I would not be able to get gas to get to work. So prayers are needed. I have until April 15th to get my rent in. And it is not a matter of budgeting because ya know I don't have enough money to budget for that. And if I moved to a cheaper place there are still all the moving costs associated with that. So when my friend Melissa says to budget I scream inside my head. Well not really, but you understand I think. I will do what I do every month - make out my list of prayer requests on one side of a sheet of paper and on the other side put God's answers. And I will keep doing what God puts in front of me. That is all I can do.

Keep praying for the job I interviewed for at UTA. I have not heard back. I want so desperately for things to come together for me.

Okay here is the video. It is a treat as it is Lincoln Brewster live!!

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