Friday, March 26, 2010

Get Back Up

So I have to say i LOVE listening to KLTY on my drive into and back from work. I always hear stuff that I say - must add that to my blog. Today on my way back to Arlington I heard this song from Toby Mac and thought I'd put it up today - entitled Get Back Up. So the video at the end will be Get Back Up.

I still have not heard anything back yet from UTA. Keep on praying. I would love to have this job. Besides being in Arlington I'd be getting to work with college freshmen who some may not know exactly what it is they want to do. I would get to work with them on career and major exploration. I am doing that right now as a volunteer in the counseling center at Hill College. Have I mentioned I really want to have the door open for me to be working full time in a student services position at a college? I still would love to go to Nashville, but I can wait if God wants to put me someplace else first. I want to go to Nashville when the time is right.

I also am enjoying being back at Navarron College - the Midlothian campus this time. When they cut me from the classes at the Waxahachie campus I didn't see how this would work out for the good, but it has. The Midlothian campus is a lot nicer and it is closer than Waxahachie. Plus I really like the people there and my students I have this 2nd 8 week term are pretty cool. So I feel like I have gotten back up and I wasn't knocked out forever :)

And I have been praying about a few things and God is helping me to keep on praying even though there haven't been any answers either way yet. I am reminded of Isaiah 40:31. So it keeps me perservering in my prayer life.

Okay here is the video. Enjoy. Sorry it does not have Toby Mac doing anything live, but it has the lyrics :)

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