Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Walk By Faith

My apologies for not posting lately. Last week was spring break and I can't believe how slightly busy I was. So much for being able to kick it. I was dog/cat/house sitting and had to do my ad change job. Plus I did do something fun - I got to go to a taping of Life Today in Euless (or Useless as I call it lol) to see the famous Pete Wilson speak about his upcoming book Plan B: What Do You Do When God Doesn't Show Up The Way You Expected Him To? I got to talk a little with him afterward and it turns out he and both know my friend Matt Brown who is the pastor of Sandals Church in Riverside, CA and who I went to California Baptist University with. I wished I could have gotten an advanced cop of his book for him to sign, but that is okay. I shall get it when it comes out and send it back with Allan to Nashville for Pete to sign :)

Last night I went to another taping of Life Today to see Todd and Angie Smith speak about Angie's upcoming book I Will Carry You. I was hoping to get to talk with them afterward, but they did not stick around. Angie is 7 1/2 months pregnant and was not feeling well. I did get a few pictures and Angie said if we were at the taping and got pics she'd love them. I tweeted her and said I got two and asked her if she wanted me to e-mail them to her. She direct messaged me back and said yes and was sorry we didn't get to say hello that it was nuts. One of these days I will be able to say hello instead of yelling from the Selah/Avalon tour bus - Angie it's me Kathi Waddle.

Last week on March 17th I had an interview for an academic advising position at UTA. They said it would be a week and a half before I heard anything. Still haven't heard (today is a week). Please keep me in prayer on this. I am really struggling financially right now. I do have three part time jobs (just started teaching the 2nd 8 week term at the Midlothian campus of Navarro College), but I do not get paid from Navarro College til the end of April. I really don't know how I would squeeze in a 4th job. I drive 23 miles one way for my ad change job. Plus I drive to Cleburne twice a week and to Midlothian once a week. Driving time cuts into things. I am faced again with not knowing how the rent is going to get paid in April. And the semester is ending in May which will cause two of the jobs to go bye bye for a while. So I am definitely in need of a God-sized intervention called a full time job. UTA is the second interview I have had this year. It has been a challenge trying to find something that would work with the two colleges. But really I need one full time job. I am tired of struggling and don't know how much more I can take. It's hard when you apply and you don't hear back. And I really want to have a chance to be able to work with college students full time in a student services setting. It's my dream. I am getting a little taste of this at Hill College since I am volunteering in the counseling center. But I want so desperately for the door to open for me. For me to be able to tell everyone that has been praying for years that their prayers have been answered. So prayers are appreciated very much right now.

Today's video is Jeremy Camp - Walk By Faith. I have seen him in concert once for free courtesy of the tickets I won from KLTY less than 5 minutes after walking into Lifeway and registering to win them lol

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