Sunday, March 14, 2010

Your Great Name

Church was great yesterday. We are still on the sermon series God is Not His Name (I love how creative my church gets). Yesterday's name was Yahweh ROHI. I ordered the sermon cd. There was some new things I learned about Psalm 23. We also sang Your Great Name. I love this song!! Guess what the video for today is!! Sing along with it :) I will share some of the things I learned from Psalm 23 when I get the sermon cd next week. I think you will enjoy it as much as I did.

Yesterday after church I called my friend Allison and she mentioned they were painting her sister's house again today. I asked if they needed help she said sure. So I asked Caleb and he decided to go and I rode with him (my neighbor said for the record she thought it was a bad idea - she was right lol on the way over there lol). So I didn't paint, but I did sand and I did tape. I am sore today somewhat. For the record if you have a home improvement project call me up - I am always up for learning new skills :)

Oh and I am on spring break. I do have stuff to do, but it is nice to know I can relax in between. And I also have a very important interview on Wednesday - St. Patrick's Day!! I am interviewing for an academic advising position at UTA. Prayers are very much appreciated. And one more thing - I get to meet the famous Pete Wilson tomorrow at a taping of Life Today in Euless!! I am excited!! I wish I could ask him to bring an advanced copy of Plan B so I can get it autographed!!

Okay video is below. Enjoy!!

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