Friday, April 16, 2010

Cars Suck Sometimes

April 15th sucks. Officially. But on the bright side my small group rocks as does Jesus!!

Yesterday shortly before 7 pm I had left Target with my dinner and was headed to my small group. I was driving in the right lane down Fielder Road and a car in the driveway of the apartment complex on the right pulled right into me. My car is not drivable and I am sore in a lot of places. I also have some lovely bruising going on where the seat belt was. But my small group rocks!! I called Elizabeth one of my leaders and she asked if I needed anyone to come get me. I said yes and she sent her husband Jeremy and Shelby (one of the guys). They were really great and Elizabeth called Jeremy while they were with me and said the whole group said Shelby had to give me a hug on behalf of everyone. He did lol I love my small group and I look forward to getting to know them - we have only been together since February and I am the newbie to the church. But that is okay. I sometimes wish I would have transferred my membership to Fielder a long time ago - God has just been blessing me for being there. And some of them in my small group were together when they had a single program and they know each other from there. They are so not cliquish people like another church I know that I used to be at.

Jeremy took pictures so I will post pictures here when I get them as well as on Facebook and twitter. My poor car. And I of course have no money for a rental and have no clue how I will be getting to work next week. But my car is cleaned out almost and it might be able to be fixed. If not I want to get another Toyota Corolla - don't mind if it is used. I want between 1999 and 2001. And I could have one where the stereo works completely (I think my tape deck died lol). And the paint won't be old and wearing away. I will name the new to me one Cori (my current one is Tori Corolla) so the new one will be Cori Corolla. Yeah yeah I name my cars lol Oooo and the new to me car will actually have the Toyota stuff all over it. Sweet!! I was rear ended in 2003. When they put everything back on they only put Corolla. They left off the symbol and the VE and the Toyota.

And I know God has a purpose in all of this. I think I kind of needed a humility check this week. I apparently am this week's example. I have no full time job, no car, don't know how I am getting to work next week, and my two teaching positions are coming to an end by May 7th. I am praying I can find a full time position right here in Arlington. I am tired of all the driving I have to do.

Oh and I know two other people who were in car accidents yesterday. My honorary KKPsi little brother Jeff who lives in North Carolina and my friend Carly (I prayed for God to send her husband George a wife and hey it was Carly woo hoo!) in Louisiana. They say it happens in threes. I was number 3. Lovely. And I am if onlying already. I hate that.

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