Thursday, April 1, 2010

Every Move I Make

It is now April!! Yay!! There were a few days in March that I wanted to forget. Glad March is over and I am glad a new month has begun even if the semester is rapidly coming to an end and I don't know what is up next on the agenda. Still no word on the job at UTA. It has been two weeks. I am a little chicken to call to find out. I don't want it to be bad news.

I did find another position at UTA to apply for and also as much as I hate to, will apply for a job at UNT. The drive from Arlington to Denton would not be fun if I got the job which would mean I'd have to leave Arlington (but I'd be closer to Megan - she could hang out with my cats lol).

Okay today's video is Every Move I Make. Not the Out of Eden version. This one is the David Crowder Band live. A nice treat. Go on and do the motions with it I know you want to :)

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