Friday, April 2, 2010

Sunday's Comin

Since today is Good Friday I thought that today's video would be a video I saw last night when I was over at Jeremy and Elizabeth's house. Brandon one of the guys in our small group showed me the video and I thought it would be appropriate for today. So enjoy when you get through reading this :)

So last night was fun. It was small group and I had called Elizabeth to ask her if she wanted me to bring dessert. She called me back and said that our small group was falling apart because hardly anyone could make it. But she said Brandon was coming over and her parents were there and I could come for dinner. So yay!! I went over and had dinner and we all visited and I got to play Wii Bowling. I bowled a lot better in Wii Bowling than I do in real life bowling lol. And I got to know Brandon a little better. Him and Jeremy and Elizabeth go back to the Metro 180 days at Fielder Road Baptist Church (it was the singles thing). It is kind of nice to be in a small group where they have somewhat of a history with each other. I like hearing their stories. I also got an invite for Easter dinner :) That will be fun!! I think I am going to surprise them and make peas and cheese salad. That seems kind of Eastery. I was going to just have Asian food and carrot cake from Tom Thumb for my Easter lunch (I have done this before lol), but I couldn't pass up an invite. I believe God is truly blessing me for taking that step of faith and transferring my membership to Fielder Road Baptist Church. I thought I would miss Awana, but not so much (I would love to be a part of an Awana program again). I am truly enjoying being in the orchestra and playing again. I am amazed at how much improvement I am making on my clarinet. I just need to work on my breathing techniques. Gotta be able to hold a whole not without having to pant afterward lol

After small group I got to talk to my former student/friend Robbie. She said it was nice to hear me happy. Thank you Jesus for April. This is going to be a better month than March :) She also encouraged me on the job I applied for at UTA. So I am going to keep on praying. This would be a great place to start and a dream come true :)

Okay video is below. Enjoy!

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