Thursday, April 8, 2010

Wake Me Up Inside

Today's video is not exactly a Christian video, but I like the song. Yep miss nice electic taste in music here lol It is from Evanescence and Linkin Park. Evanesence kind of reminds me of Barlow Girl or Plumb. But more Barlow Girl than anything else.

So let me see last post was before Easter and I had grand plans of posting on Easter either that Dallas Holm video I Will Rise Again or Via Dolarosa (Sandi Patty version), but alas I did not. Maybe I shall save it for next Sunday. Or I could do it on another day - every day is Easter since every day we can celebrate the resurrection of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ (can I get a witness?).

Easter was a fun day. I got to church and was on the stage with my clarinet at 7:30 in the a.m. Yep an hour and a half before I usually have to be at church. Sugar free Red Bull was my friend til sometime in the middle of the 8:00 service when it decided to wear off and I was thinking - wow I am playing music and what is that note? lol The orchestra had a break in between the 8:00 and 9:30 service so I went to buy an iced latte with an espresso shot in it. This was preceded by a couple of donuts and followed by a couple of donuts. I was a happy camper during the 9:30 service. In between services when I went to go get my coffee I saw one of the guys in my small group - Brandon (hi Brandon if you ever drop by my blog - you just made a post lol). He was dressed in renassiance attire. On purpose. At church. I asked him - Robin Hood? And he said no I'm Brandon you've met me before (at this point I should have cricketed - what they do in KKPsi/TBS meetings at Baylor when the laughter is sucked out of the room lol). After reciving my coffee, I went back to the part of the church the orchestra was located in. I saw Elizabeth who is one of my small group leaders and also the Serve Pastor (hi Elizabeth if you drop by my blog) and asked her if she had seen Brandon. She started to tell me where he was and I said - no have you seen Brandon. I then told her what he was wearing and apparently this was not the first time for him to wear this outfit.

After church and Asian food for lunch I got to go over to Jeremy and Elizabeth's for Easter dinner (hi Jeremy if you drop by my blog). I had a fun time, but I think their baby Zach is going to think people always dress up for Easter dinner (as in costumes lol). I brought my bunny rabbit ears and they put them on him and took pictures. it was cute. Then I proceeded to wear them during dinner, Brandon was in his renaissance attire, Jeremy's sister's boyfriend was wearing a ghostbusters outfit and Becky (Jeremy's sister) showed up in her Dr. Who outfit, but changed (they had a photo shoot earlier in Fort Worth). We had some yummy food - I was way full from lunch, but enjoyed what I had. We also played a game - that was fun. And then the baby laughed when he saw my bunny rabbit ears. I seemed to have been popular with the babies because after church on my way to my car a baby girl smiled at me - her mom said I was the only one she smiled at all day. Awww. Nope still don't want my own, but other people's are nice :)

Okay enjoy the video - or be depressed. Not sure which lol Dudes I like the song so deal with it :)

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