Monday, April 12, 2010

Perfect People

I have heard this song quite a few times. I finally did a search to see what the exact song title was. So tada - today's video is Perfect People by Natalie Grant. And a treat for you as it is live. I like to see if I can find the actual performances of the song. So yay!!

Yesterday was great at church!! I have noticed that since I started back in the orchestra that I have made a lot of improvement. Yep hold onto your hats people I played a sixteenth note yesterday!! Pretty cool huh? I always say I am being affirmed each time I am there that I am exactly where I am supposed to be and serving exactly where I am supposed to be serving. And believe me I have made a lot of strides in three months (it had been over a year since I last played because when I was at First Baptist Dallas they had switched Awana and orchestra to being at the same time and orchestra had to go since they needed more help in Awana). Now to start practicing more :)

I am going to attempt something for the first time ever in my life on Friday. So I am in advance of this bequeathing my animals to Allan or Megan or whoever (I won't care after I die lol). Hold onto your hats yet again - I am going to do kickboxing. The wife of our young adults pastor teaches a kickboxing class and the first one is free to check out so at 5:15 instead of being in Dallas for the Rock and Worship Road Show (I can see them some other time), I will be kickboxing (aka dying lol). It will be fun and healthy. I told James (the Young Adults Pastor) about me checking out Michelle's class and he said yep I am gonna die lol

Okay that is all for now. Video below. Enjoy!!

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