Tuesday, September 28, 2010


Everyone faint I am blogging!! I know it has been a while. I have been going through some stuff (I think blogging probably could have helped, but alas I just didn't feel like it). The stuff I have been going through are with the fact that here it is 4 months later and I am still unemployed!! Also throw in I was getting unemployment, but I owed so they were deducting so basically the summer was a test of my faith. Hello meltdown in my driveway in July on a Thursday night after group one night when I said I didn't want to lose my kitties (or my 3 caged babies) and be homeless. Yeah that was "fun."

Then add on to that car issues at times - let's see had the oil changed in June a month after I bought the car because the check engine light came on. Still did not go off. Enter last week of July when it was a windy day. I was en route on the 20 freeway driving 60 mph to feed the dog and the cats I was taking care of. I saw the hood was loose and was praying. It decided to fly open thus wiping out the windshield, scaring me, and doing some minor damage to itself (not too bad - the bricks took the dents out). Thankfully I was in the granny lane. I had to crawl out on the passenger's side (I would have been hanging out with Holly and K.C. in heaven if I had attempted to crawl out the driver's side). I was able to lower the hood and then I had to drive on the shoulder with my hazards on the rest of the way to Grand Prairie. The hood issue was a good thing - the oil leak and the radiator leak were discovered. The radiator explained another issue I was having with the car that had just started. So yeah that was not fun.

The good thing is I am now getting unemployment. Except next week it is supposed to run out, but thank you Congress for extending benefits. I am supposed to get it extended unless a miracle of a job happens between now and then (I have applied for 233 jobs thus far this year - was applying even when I was adjuncting. Have I mentioned that tomorrow makes 7 years ago that I got fired for sharing my faith? 7 years. God what are You up to?

Okay I have a post in mind for tomorrow - ought to be interesting. In the meantime here is a great video by a great band - Starfield. They kind of make me think of Switchfoot :)It is Hosanna. I like their rendition of it :)

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