Tuesday, June 29, 2010

All In My Head

My apologies for lack of blogging. You would think that with all this amount of time on my hands I would be a blogging fool, but alas that has not been the case. I blame Season 6 of One Tree Hill I am now finished and have started on Season 7 - I will be caught up yet!!). And of course all the jobs I have been applying for. As of this writing 105 jobs I have applied for. Not all of them are for college positions even though that is what I am praying I will get (preferably in Nashville - woo hoo!). I know that I need something to help me be able to live. Of course my problem is not the applying part. People suggest places to apply. The problem is the callbacks part. I rarely get called for interviews (this includes the jobs that require no education - it gets frustrating).

I was watching an episode of Season 6 of One Tree Hill (one of my all time favorite shows - Beverly Hills 90210 being the other one - yep I am such a native Californian lol) and Nick Lachey was on. There was this song that he sang that was supposed to have been a Hailey original. Well lo and behold he really recorded it. It is called All In My Head. Being the music person that I am I loved the song. Plus I am a pop music kind of gal amongst other things. Just look at my Christian Aguilera cd, my Hanson cd (I bought both of their albums lol - yep they made more than one lol), my NSYNC cd, and my Backstreet Boys cd. I also blame that on the native Californian lol Once a native Californian with an inner southern Californian in ya always a native Californian with an inner southern Californian in ya (basically I grew up in central California but I was always a fan of southern Cali - hello beaches and cool spots like Disneyland - and I did live in southern Cali for 2 years yay!!).

Okay without further ado I present to you the video of All In My Head. Enjoy!!

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