Sunday, June 20, 2010

One Tree Hill

I have to admit something right here and now. I like One Tree Hill. Yep that's right I said it - I like One Tree Hill. I avoided watching it for the longest time, but one day after finishing watching all four seasons of The O.C. (thank you Arlington Public Library for the first season, thank you Hollywood Video for seasons 1 and 2, and thank you Soap Net for season 4 lol - also avoided it for the longest time. We see how well that worked lol) I decided to go for it and check out Season 1 of One Tree Hill from - you guessed it - the Arlington Public Library. I watched all of it and said - wow. What a show. What deep writing. I loved Beverly Hills 90210, I loved The O.C., but there was something different about One Tree Hill. The characters just seemed so much deeper. I finished the whole season 1 of One Tree Hill in December of 2008 and didn't know how soon I was going to watch season 2. Enter Tina and Shana who were students in my Spring 2009 General Psychology class. One day Tina (I call her the thorn in my side lol) said "Well maybe if you watched One Tree Hill students would be more interested" to which Shana said "I have them on dvd" I don't think those were their exact words - well I think those were Tina's, but Shana did definitely volunteer the use of her dvd's. So I said what the hey I will watch. And I did and oh my gosh I was hooked. I got through seasons 2-4 and was very impressed and yep hooked just a bit deeper. Now I admit that I am a bad One Tree Hill fan. I have not been watching it on the CW in first runs - that is because I needed to get myself to Season 5 or I would be lost. You can't just skip ahead because it is the truth - you will be lost. Well I am happy to say I am finally starting to get caught up. I discovered that the WB has Season 5 of One Tree Hill online. I am getting ready to start episode 12. I am not disappointed, James Lafferty is still cute, and Paul Johansson is still hot :) And Nanny Carrie is not very nice lol

Now for me to get to the whole point of my blog post. I promise it is not a full on love affair with an extremely well-written show. As I watch I think sometimes about the characters and about the things they go through. It seems sometimes that the characters have so much more braveness. Braveness to say what they are feeling or to shoot for the moon. Like Peyton not holding back her feelings for Lucas. Or Brooke taking a leap of faith and getting her clothing line going (true her witch with a B mom was involved), or Lucas writing his first novel and he was only 19, or Peyton starting her own record label at the age of 22. I think wow if these guys can do it (ok they are fictional but still) what holds me back. Maybe I ought to take more risks. Get my student Jeffrey to start work on the illustrations for my children's story I want to turn into a picture book, tell a piano player that I pray for him and I to be friends and that if he took the time to get to know me he'd find me a good friend to have in life (even if he currently lives in Nashville and I live here in Texas). Maybe I should just throw all caution to the wind and go for it. Pack the car and head east. Of course the thing that holds me back is finances. So I pray. We only get one life. We need to make it count.

What is something you would if nothing was holding you back? If you had a little more faith and braveness?

Okay here enjoy the gag reel from Season 6 of One Tree Hill.

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John Wallace said...

Hey, great post...definitely inspired. I love the connection between themes in the show and your own life...very cool. The question at the end I will be pondering for awhile.