Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Dancing on the Ceiling

Okay so today's video is going to be a good one. Oh yeah let's hear it for the 80's!! Let's hear it for Lionel Richie!! Let's hear it for Ben Geske playing Don't Stop Believin' on the piano in the choir room and me sitting on top of it while Suzanne Latour helped me with the lyrics :) Okay I digress lol

So tomorrow I have a job interview with Catholic Charities for a case aide position. I certainly need something and soon. Have I mentioned that I have no clue how I am getting my rent paid this month? And if this keeps up - me applying for jobs and nothing happening then I am going to be giving my move out notice for July. I have no idea where I will go. I have 3 cats, a gerbil, a rat, and a turtle. I don't have the money to go stay someplace short term. Heck I don't even have money to pay for a storage facility or a U Haul. I also have to say the one job that I am currently working which is this ad change job that has extremely sporadic hours, I am getting frustrated with it. Partly because of my territory. I have Watauga and North Richland Hills. I am not a happy camper that I was just at my Albertson's in Watauga yesterday and there is a merchandising job showing up for it that starts Friday. It has to be completed by the 18th. Ad change starts on the 19th. Unless my stores will show up on the 18th then I could combine it with the merchandising job. Otherwise I have to drive 27 miles to install one ad, a floortalk I don't even have (and I don't know if I will get one - the boss is leaving to go on vacation this week). I am just not happy with having to drive all that way yet again. I hate the wear and tear on my car. I am trying to conserve gas since oh someone is po - not poor. I can't afford the other o and the r lol

And I really want a miracle to happen. Part of me says - hey if I get a job offer I will take it. The other part of me says hey Nashville. But I am trying to live right now and that is not happening very well.

Okay on to happier things. Here is the video.


Anke Wiesinger said...

Hey Kathy,
I'm not exactly sure how to do it, but I would like to help you out somehow. Any ideas?
How'd the interview go?
All the best to you and hang in there! God never lets you go, even if we don't feel it!

Anonymous said...
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