Saturday, June 5, 2010

The Waltons

I am a dork. I admit it right now on my blog. However, I think that anyone that knows me and all six of you that follow my blog do not find this information surprising. I shall elaborate.

This past week I got to dog/cat/house sit. They have a computer and the internet, but I was not able to get on - fine with me. They also have no cable television. Also not a problem. So what did I do to keep myself entertained in the evenings while I was cross stitching? I put in season 3 of one of my favorite shows of all time - The Waltons!! Yep I watched it with my family when I was growing up and I am proud of that!! We used to go to bed and say - goodnight Daddy, goodnight Mama, goodnight Mary Ellen, etc. My dad and my brother got all the guy parts and my mom and sister and I got all the girl parts. I have seen them in re-runs too - a lot. I am going to have to start collecting the seasons on dvd. There are nine of them. I did find myself laughing a few times. Like all the times the kids went around barefoot. How many episodes did they do that in? I mean in one episode the kids went barefoot to school. And when John-Boy bossed his siblings around. I never did that to mine thank you very much. I did find myself thinking about cars in the 1930's - they sure have changed a lot. Last night I called my parents and asked them what life was like before television. The Waltons was set in the 1930's and early 40's. There was no television yet. They listened to the radio, read, played games, sat around and talked. I can't imagine what it must have been like to grow up without television for part of your life and then you get television. I imagine it was a big deal to get one - and here I am a single gal with a zoo and I have three televisions.

Watching The Waltons this week also got me to thinking about family dinners. We had them all the time growing up. I laugh because my family dinners (and lunches and breakfasts sometimes) consist of me and three kitty cats hoping to get something. Like today when I came home from dog/cat/house sitting - I was eating my lunch and had all three gathered around hoping to get something.

The Waltons is not the only classic thing I like. I LOVE I Love Lucy and Little House on the Prairie. There are other things, but those two are classics - one in the 50's and the other one set in the 1800's. And of course all this classic stuff gets me back into checking out houses from the early days. And furnishings and pop culture. And I want to take a trip back to Virginia to see The Waltons Mountain Museum (any time God you'd like to open a door for a full time job so I can vacation again that would be nice). It is fun.

Okay I am going to close with a video. Take a wild guess. Yep The Waltons. Good night Grandpa, good night Grandma, good night John-Boy.....

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